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Campus Organizations

You can take your pick of student organizations, clubs and countless social and educational programs offered throughout the year. Whatever you want from your college experience – leadership opportunities, multicultural enrichment, an active social life—it’s all here at HU! If you don’t see a club that fits your interests gather a few of your friends and start a new one. Each year students begin new clubs on campus. You are welcome to create a club that fits your needs and interests.

Strong Support for Your Heritage

Beyond the campus, you will be surrounded by a community with strong support for your heritage. Not only is the Harrisburg region home to one of the six fastest growing Indian populations in the U.S., but it also boasts five vibrant Indians associations. These include Gujarati Samaj of Central Pennsylvania, Harrisburg Area Tanuk Sabgan (HATS), Harrisburg Teluga Association, Asian Indian Americans of Central Pennsylvania (AIACPA), and Susquehanna Malayalee Associal (SMA). These organizations each year host activities that celebrate the Indian culture, hold regular meetings, and take part in Harrisburg’s annual India Day that celebrates our region’s cultural diversity.

There is equally strong support for international students arriving from United Arab Emirates. There are 20 mosques in Central Pennsylvania including three in Harrisburg, a wide assortment of restaurants that offer Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Lebanese and Pakistani cuisine including Halal dishes. Local Muslim groups include Muhammad’s Study Group of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg (ISGH), Muslims of Central Pennsylvania and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Convention that annually holds its gathering in Harrisburg. You’ll want to stop by and get acquainted.

If you have questions about transitioning to the University, Housing, Campus Life, or Student Services, please email RyanIntl@HarrisburgU.edu.