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Linking Higher Education to Strategic Economic Development

hbg-businessCentral to Harrisburg University’s mission is to link education to business needs in the region. Long before we accepted a single application, senior management met with more than 100 chief executive officers from companies throughout Pennsylvania to determine their workforce needs. Based on the answers, the university designed its curriculum.  Members of regional industry contributed to the development of the university’s course curriculum and also participate as corporate faculty and program advisory members. To make our degree programs especially valuable for students, multiple internships are required.

HU’s location is near many of the businesses where our students serve internships. This reciprocal relationship allows students to gain real-work experience in the business technology sector and provides companies with a source of pre-qualified employees whom they can educate and train for the specific needs of their industry. By aligning traditional undergraduate degrees with science and technology-based workforce development, HU positions our graduates to participate successfully in the 21st century’s knowledge-based economy.